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    March 07, 2011


    Marybeth Hart

    Idea is great. If Ezine wants to get rid of us all, let them do it.


    Ronda Boccio

    Marnie - you are absolutely on the money. You're echoing what I said when the big change came.

    Serve your reader and you will never go wrong.

    Some directories (not yours) have forgotten this.

    EzneArticles is one of the most annoying directories ever, because they see links and videos and the like as bad and promotional. SO does Hubpages, which is also on my hot list of annoying places.

    By not allowing the author to enrich their articles, they negatively affect the reader experience. We're in a multimedia world, and it's important to use as many ways to share a message as possible.

    EzineArticles is making a HUGE mistake when it comes to the article source. They have the article link back NOT to the original article on EA but to the author's page.

    Search engines want you linking to the original source, not a "catch-all" page.

    So when I use an article from EA, I grab the ACTUAL link and not what they say is the article source. That way I'm serving the reader better by being precise and also making Google happy.

    If I may share my original post?

    Thanks so much for having a site that is reader-experience-driven.

    Follow your bliss!

    Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady


    Thank you for this article, you have answered questions I have been asking myself about article marketing and its usefulness in this post-change of Google's.


    I think if you just focus on quality content, and writing articles that add value, everything else will speak for itself! Most of my sites which publish articles weren't affected, and in fact some got more traffic because of the type of content that was placed on the sites.


    These days it is not easy to get articles accepted at ezinearticles. They reject most of my articles for no justifiable reasons. Anymore, i have decided not to depend on ezinearticles anymore.

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