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    March 07, 2011


    Sharon Killion

    Great article Marnie! You really explain the situation really well. And Idea Marketers does shine.

    Sharon Killion

    Karon Thackston

    I agree with what you're saying, Marnie, but I also want to make a point that most people have neglected. Article marketing is not about getting your articles listed on submission sites. It's about people who own top-quality, high ranking sites *in your niche* taking your article off or wherever and >>> republishing it <<< in front of *their* audience.

    Marnie, you've worked really hard over the years to build in some truly creative and helpful tools for those who use IdeaMarketers. I applaud you for that as I'm sure do all those who submit to your site. But all those other 100s of article sites are not a thing like

    So (in the case of ordinary article sites) what's better if you are - say - a virtual assistant? A link from a site that will accept articles from any ole person regardless of quality or a link from a VA association, job board or highly respected VA trainer who read your article and thought so much of it they had to publish it on their blog?

    Article marketing will never die, in my opinion. It's been around since WAY before the Internet and is a tremendous tool for building trust and earning targeted traffic. But you do have to play it smart.

    Kathleen Gage

    So glad to hear things are okay on your end Marnie. You've worked so hard for years to create a quality content location.

    I agree with what Karen says about top quality, targeted articles are the best.

    Cranking out article after article simply to put something on directories in no way compares to a carefully written, strategically placed and super targeted to an audience.

    Great post Marnie.

    Denise Beins

    I agree - create good content and the rest will work itself out.


    You are so right Marnie. Quality always wins and your site encourages quality content because people need to pay to get on the first page and they will not pay money to post junk.
    I was happy to see that your site was not effected by the changes.

    Ruby Kamaka

    Thanks for your insightful article. Helps dilute the furor over what's happening at ezineArticles.
    You've helped me to refocus.

    Kerry Hook

    Love it Marnie - great info. I hope you surpass Ezine. They are a royal pain to deal with. I love ideamarketers and believe you are much more professional than ezine can ever be. Thanks!


    Thank you for this article, you have answered questions I have been asking myself about article marketing and its usefulness in this post-change of Google's.
    As for me, I think that IdeaMarketers is superior to all other article marketing directories.


    stewart spencer

    Couldn't agree more with your comments, especially the bit about writing for your readers not search engines.

    Laurie@Affiliate Marketing Training

    Thank you for posting this, Marnie. I am glad to hear that Idea Marketers stood stable during this time. And I am also glad to hear you say that links are helpful! I definitely disagreed with that statement that changing links to no follows wouldn't matter.

    Steve Evans

    The last thing I want to see happening is for Article Directory sites to put "nofollow" on the bio links below each article, or within articles, and for the Directory sites it would no doubt hugely reduce their flow of new content, eventually leading to their gradual death due to lack of new material.

    However, we maybe should look at what Google themselves do where they have a free hand, and no preconceived norms exist in quite the same way as they do for article directory sites, and that is in video sharing at YouTube. YouTube is enormously stingy about giving dofollow outward links, and the only outward do-follow link for users is one dofollow link per channel. If you consider the video description equivalent to an article's author box at the end of each article, which gives only a "nofollow" link back to the author's site, the indication is that (if they know what's best for a site in terms of visibility in SERPS!) it is giving minimum outward "nofollow" links.

    If you need any convincing how highly YouTube ranks in the SERPS just look at the number of YouTube videos which appear in the SERPS these days! That would suggest to me that they are purposely holding on to the juice flowing through their site in order to boost their own visibility.

    Even so, I agree with you and I agree that IdeaMarketers has it right to go for great quality and user experience which will win out in the end. Let's not get hung up on "nofollow" and "dofollow"!

    Felicia Slattery

    Excellent article! Later on Chris retracted his comments because of the uproar of so many of the authors that the links DO matter.

    But like everything in business and communicating your message online it comes down to one thing: Awesome Spreads. Quality content is king. People will find it and Google will find it. Crappy stuff just fades away.

    See you in Raleigh!


    The problem that you're missing isn't so much the links, but rather how Google will treat content it finds in multiple places or on sites it classes as farms.

    I don't think it's yet been proven if links from such articles will hold any more or less merit than they did previously, however many article writers I know submit to multiple sites or to sites that syndicate and share content. These are the articles/sites Google will give a lower ranking to. However I've yet to hear from anyone with 100% certainty that links will definitly offer less value even if any article *is* ranked lower, and my articles for Ideamarketers do indeed appear to be ranking well, something I'm very pleased with! Either way, I do feel that anyone proclaiming article marketing as being dead is jumping the gun a bit!

    Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

    Thanks everyone for your kind words of encouragement and support. I love hearing about your good results from the site! Stuseo, you bring up an interesting point about duplicate content.

    For years I've been suggesting that people not mass submit the same article to dozens (or even hundreds) of places. Google has always paid attention to the copies found on the sites with the highest authority and ignored the others. It's best to make unique variations. For example, what you put on your blog shouldn't be identical to what you submit to an article directory. I'm sure we have duplicate content on IdeaMarketers - we don't require unique submissions -- kind of defeats the purpose of one of the main reasons people use article directories -- to find content they can reprint in their ezine, web site or print publication. We also syndicate content across the web.

    So I'm not convinced duplicate content is the issue here. Honestly, who can really figure out what Google is doing? I gave up on that years ago. I'd rather focus on giving my visitors and contributors a good experience and trust that integrity, ethics and a win-win philosophy will pay good dividends. So far, it's worked. ;) - Marnie

    Terry Schierer

    Good quality well writen articles will always be in demand. It's what Google wants, your readers want and hopefully what you want. I feel Google did what it should of done a few years back.

    Article marketing isn't dead, not by a long shot but it going through a much needed correction. Time to weed out those who provide uninteligent spun articles, looking for the fast buck and give us all a bad name'


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