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February 02, 2011


Albert Kamau

Thanks for sharing your journey wiyh Christ, if you have anything else you would like us know, please tell us that we may also experience this wonderful occassionswith Him.


This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I have had the same experience of finding him in my meditations and it is powerful and real! This is such a great tool! I hope many will use it to find peace. Namaste!

Antoinette Santiago

There is a corner in my living room where the morning sun streams in. After several cold, grey, dull and rainy days the warmth and glow of the morning sun drew me to that corner. I knelt down facing the East, like Daniel, and called out to the Lord and felt His presence enfold me. I didn't know that was visualization, but I poured my heart out to Him and felt His peace take my fears away. I've had the same experience of not wanting to break the "spell" as it were, but knew I must go about my day, and asked Him to be with me and my loved ones.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Love, Antoinette

Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

Thank you all so much! I SO enjoy hearing your experiences. ;) God bless!

Marnie Schallert

Thanks for sharing this powerful tool! I have some of Judy's guided visualizations on my MP3 player and have been so blessed to learn how to connect with God this way. One tip you did not mention that is vital to me at least, is to find a special place of solace to meet with the Lord in this way. For me going out in nature works so well. As I am in His creation He often shows me visual examples in nature of the Truths He is teaching me at the time. For me to most effectively quiet my mind and spirit I have to eliminate all outside distractions and then I can really tune in to that still small Voice. If I can't get out in nature I can go to the places in my mind where the Lord has met me in the past (kind of like an alter) and I find much peace and joy there. Thanks for sharing this powerful blessing of sitting in God's presence and please share more on the topic!


Thank you for sharing your messages. They are truly inspiring and very helpful. I look forward to seeing more message from you.

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Now that Easter is coming and we are on lent time, we have to be more closer to God and be good, forgive and forget, pray for our soul and live in peace and harmony.


I was thinking about this very thing today as I was reading about a prophets experience being taken to a high mountian to communicate with the Lord. He had said that he had great desires to know the things of God and I asked myself why I had never had that great desire. Thank you for posting this and sharing how this has blessed you


Thanks for sharing this. I am going to try it in a few minutes. I desperately need to hear from God and simply praying and asking have not produced results yet.

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