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December 31, 2010


Martina Muir

And you have been an inspiring individual in my life for 4 years!! WOW!! THANK YOU!!

Adela Rubio


Thanks for including me in your list. It was such a joy to meet and play with you at the Radiant Success Event.

I am in complete agreement with you that the people who grace our lives are the greatest gifts. Thank you for being in mine.

I am SO excited to be playing with you in this year's Radiant Success Event. Here's to another extraordinary year!


Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D.

Marnie, I can't begin to express what a delight it's been getting to know you and having the opportunity to share the stage with you at the Radiant Success Event last year.

I love the work you do and the light you bring to the world through your honesty, your integrity and your faith. You inspire me, my friend!

Karon Thackston

Wow Marnie. Aren't you sweet. I feel the same way about you. We've known each other online for 10 years or more and it was so great to finally get to hug your neck in Raleigh this past May. You are truly an inspirational woman and I've loved watching your growth over the years. Happy New Year!!

Janis Pettit

Thanks for including me Marnie. Its an honor. You are an absolute joy to work with and a true inspiration to all working moms.

Terri Zwierzynski

I haven't had the chance to meet all of you in person, but knowing what a special person Marnie is, I know that my life would be enriched by doing so, and I hope I do in some future moment!

Thanks Marnie -- and I echo the sentiment of the inspiration you provide, just as you are. You are a very special lady, and I'm privileged to know you and be "online" with you!

Denise Wakeman

Thank you, Marnie for including me in such illustrious company. You are truly an inspiration to me. You continually create and achieve so many great things -- you're a model for anyone who has big visions and the will to achieve them. Wishing you another magical and successful on!

Lisa Rae Preston

Hey, my friend, I couldn't have made it through the year without ya! You're always an inspiration to me! I am still blessed constantly because of Light the World - a little piece of heaven on earth.

Loved the Raleigh event as well. Very inspiring and motivating!

Wonderful to meet so many delightful folks along the way. They are, indeed, a treasure!

Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

Thanks so much, ladies! I'm looking forward to continuing our friendships into 2011 and beyond. I hope each of you have a wonderful New Year's and amazingly prosperous 2011!

Kathleen Gage

Thanks for including me on this list Marnie. It has truly been a blessing to meet you and get to know you both personally and professionally. Looking forward to the coming year and all the wonderful experiences it will reveal.

Tina Kurrels

Happy New Year Marni!! Your inspiring energy is so very do you do it?? Like so many other people that you have touched, I am also very very grateful for YOU! Your combination of talents and inteligences and curiosity and spiritual sensitivity and mothering and openesss, and networking abilities.....make you one dynamo person! I hope that the flattery hit home, because it is sincere. Thank-you for all of the ways that you have shared with me, and I hope to see you again soon!


I have been on many lists before, but this one makes me happy. I am in such good company. Thank you, Marnie. This has certainly been a year of internal change and growth. It has been wonderful to share some of those experiences with you. Thank you. I love you, Marnie.

Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

Thanks Kathleen! It was a blast working alongside you at RSE. Tina and Renae -- you are both such incredible ladies. I'm looking for great things from you both this year! Love to all & Happy New Year!

Janice Rankin Erickson

You're an amazing creator and have blessed so many lives, including mine. I'm grateful to be part of your world, and you part of mine. Many blessings to you for continued success in 2011!

Gary Cooper

I came across you at Imapact, your everywhere, thanks for all you do. Gary in Dallas wishing you the best in 2011

Lisa Rae Preston

Hey, Marnie! Love the video addition! Very cool! And a wonderful reminder that we are attracting into our lives our teachers and mentors. Thanks for the inspiration!

Christian Woman

Wow reading this and looking at some of the women on the list I say blessings to you all. Women inspiring Women. Amen.


Thanks Marnie! I just now set aside the time to read through and listen to this and I'm so grateful for the reminder. I just love how your down to earth, yet inspiring ways balance out. You suggest when seeking mentors to remember it's not a one way street. Truly we miss connecting with others in critical ways if our interactions aren't based on reciprocity. I often wonder how those in the public eye internalize the attention they are given and how we run the risk of separating them/ourselves by all the labels.

My experience with you personally and through the virtual world has taught me a lot about connection. After meeting several "big" people I admire, I keep feeling a reminder of how important it is to avoid placing people on pedestals. Living near some prominent leaders has driven this home to me again for two reasons: 1) It's dehumanizing 2) If I view others on a pedestal I tend to start thinking in terms of "somehow they are able to ascend", but I'm still 'down' here (it can become a dangerous excuse for failing to recognize the PROCESS of living up to my potential).

I really love the quote "Thee lift me and I'll lift thee and we'll ascend together" A person is far more inspiring to me when I am able to see a fuller picture of what they have overcome in terms of what is "common to man" We don't always get to see those parts, so I feel privileged when others share any of that with me. It's been fun/inspiring to get to surf around your sites and witness some results of your creative processes!

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