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July 21, 2010



I enjoyed your article. Our modern day has distorted and disected so many things. Beauty is all encompassing. I tend to have some of the same self talk when my husband tells me I am beautiful. It doesn't serve me. I think it would be helpful for women to believe they are beautiful instead. If the gift that is given isn't received, what good is it? Marnie, I think you are beautiful in many ways, not the least being your physical apearance.

Laurie Pergler

Renae you said it so eloquently. We must recognize the inner and outer beauty of ourselves. God made no mistakes. He gave each of us the exact qualities in the right combination to delight the world. We must understand our qualities and embrace them as the gift they are.

Jean Tracy, MSS

You speak the truth, Marnie. You wrote it so simply and clearly. I wish everyone could read this.

LaWanda Cook

This was a beautiful article. It reflects what is truly important in terms of beauty. It reminds me of the biblical account of Vashti and Esther. Vashti, adorned with jewels, robes etc., had outer beauty , but exemplified a rebellious character. Esther, likewise, had outer beauty. However her meekness, humility and God-driven character, enhanced the outer beauty that she had. As women of God, we would all do well to work towards becoming "Esthers".

Sherry Proskine

When this area of our life battles us, then we need to understand it is because it comes at us from the eyes of the world and not from how our Heavenly Father sees us. We are as He made us and we are all beautiful to behold. Yet, when our husband tells us we are beautiful...we doubt. That is when I ask the Lord to be, "more in me than me" He will shine through, lift me up and then I know it is true. Great post Marnie!

Moms Increasing Literacy Wendy

Thank you for this wonderful article I am reading your AMAZING book right now and it is so powerful. I love your words Marnie

Joyce Moseley Pierce

What a great article. Your dad is/was so smart. My dad always told me I was the prettiest little girl and while that was his way of complimenting me, as I got older, I realized I didn't really like it. I knew there was more to ME than just a cute little girl in a pretty dress! He never really knew what was going on inside, and unfortunately, died before I grew into the person I am today. You are very fortunate to have your dad. Give him a hug!

Jan Verhoeff

Marnie, what an incredible bit of wisdom you shared in this article. It's difficult not to personalize such an intensely personal subject - so I did. ;) I've never been the "pretty one" in my own mind, but I've found as I age, I feel prettier. More often, I'm told how pretty I am --- which means that people are seeing the real me inside, not the pretty young girl on the surface. The lines and wrinkles I've earned have experience, love and laughter in them according to my best friends. What an incredible understanding of humanity and the gifts we're given. Beauty is more than skin deep, and is revealed through the eyes. Thank you!

Nthabiseng Matakane

Thanx marnie for your article to us woman beauty means everything but it doesnt always matter though we are not aware that what counts is inside than outside. It is nothing wrong when one keeps beauty just we can not be deceived by it

Pst David Okoro

your thoughts are right and your reasons presented logically and vividly.


i agree. and yes, i do want to have this kind of beauty to be seen and appreciated, not because of who i am but because of who HE is in my life. God bless you Marnie. :)

Cindy Grass

I am so grateful you wrote this. I'm 55 yrs old and I've been seeing that I want to share who I am in Christ much more than how I look. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to get this book

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