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March 19, 2010



Once again God has spoken to me through you. Again thank you for being that vessel. Thank you for being that strength when I feel like I am standing alone, but as always God sends his angels to let us know we are not alone.


Thank you so much for sharing this. It is exactly what I needed today.


Thank you for this is a reminder for me to get still and receive the answers.



Just what I, too, needed to hear today.I'm going to channel my energy to shift my focus to solve my challenges! Thanks Marnie.

jackie b

funny how God works! what a great reminder! thank you! i was laid off on wedneday 3/ first shock but as the day went on, i did somehow "shift" it into a positive, so this helps even more so!!
blessings to all!!

Jackie K.

Thnnks for this inspiring message. The timing of this message was right on time. Blessings to you.


Today I received this powerful e-mail just when I need so much to ear about the need to be thankful and turn our though's into possive ones and God will take care of them all.
God Bless you all and for this wesome message.


Thank you so much for this inspirational tip you have shared with us. I appreciate you.

Sincerely Charlene



Thank you for sharing this amazing revelation from God.


Julie Ashley

Wow. This really moved me to the place God wants me to be right now. Thank you.

Laila Kammerman

Marnie, Thank you for sharing your experience, that shows that God knows and speaks to each of his children in a very personal way--which can bless the lives of so many. It reminded me of a quote from Neal A Maxwell: "Face toward the sunlight of truth and the shadow of doubt will be cast behind you." Love you much & thank you for all you are and all you share.~Laila

Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

Thank you all for your kind comments! I'm so glad God's blessing to me blessed you too! Laila, I love that Maxwell quote! I'd never heard it before, but it's absolutely perfect! Love to you all!


This is so true. Light is available, we just need to press the ON button otherwise we remain in darkness-How do christians keep the light on? by focusing on God's Word!


You always inspire me, Marnie! You are Blessed to have a creek; I'm glad you appreciate it and take advantage of it.

Lisa Rae Preston

Awesome! I love this insight - especially the part about not having to struggle - just turn towards Him


Thanks, Marnie. I love how you think. Jean


sometime life fells hard every time you wont to do wright something goes wrong no freinds to talk to

Rosânia Dias Silveira

Thanks,Marnie. I needed to read something like this.

Norri J. Browning

Glory to the Most High God! I really needed to read that. Our god is an awesome God. Thank you so much for sharing! Be blessed!

Jaunda L. Taylor

Greetings, and glory to God! Oh, how great is HIS faithfulness. O how wonderful is our God. For HE speaks to us, just when when need to hear HIM. I thank-you, my sister, and I thank God for you.
This was truly right on time.
Glory to God.

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