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October 08, 2009


Andy O'Bryan

What an amazing video! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and vision with us Marnie, it made my day.

Colin Yao

This is very inspiring. Good music and good thought!

Don L. Price

Many memories flashed through my mind as I viewed your video. I spent many days camping and hiking through the washes and canyons of Zion, Bryce and Capital Reef… I was younger then and had no fear when I would scale the canyons walls… but more important was the majestic and spiritual feelings I experienced as I slept under the stars… sometimes perched high on the side of a canyon wall.

annette taylor

Great video I use to love to climb when I was young but now I struggle because I am older and knees no as good as they were, but finding your aha moment can be found anywhere.


Must admit I often feel Marnie comes with her points just at the right time, as if answering my own personal thoughts and doubts. It is amazing. Thank you.


I was never there and so I have seen an other part of the states. The most wonderful pictures are the sky with the cloudes. The natur is for me the best part of the earth. Thank you for sharing.

Michelle Cubas

The metaphor works well. The truth always reveals itself. Thank you for sharing from the heart.

David Lim

How true! Just take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and before you know it,you may have arrived at your destination without even knowing it.

Nice video! :)


I liked this a lot!! I like the way you share things with such ease. Beautiful.


A simple but very worthwhile lesson

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