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April 17, 2009




It amazes me how you when I get your messages that they coincide with something that is going on in my life. Right now, I have a son who will be leaving for college soon and one starting high school. I have so much to do and I just remind myself that I must press on and not worry. My husband and I tell ourselves that we will get through these trying financial times and things will get better. As the song says press on and that's what I intend to do.


I believe the "She Loves God" email came directly from God. I am questioning everything about my life. Trying to raise a teenage daughter who fights me every step of the way, two sons who have left the nest -- one to Boston and one to Iraq. Looking at the fact that I am raising my stepgranddaughter and wondering if I'm qualified to do it again. But God reminds me that He walks with me every minute of every day and so I must PRESS ON>


Marnie, as Jacqueline said above, your message came at the right time. So refreshing, and the music is so heart-warming. God bless you!


Jim Lake


Right on target!
It was just the message I needed to hear today!
Thankyou for letting the Holy Spirit speak through you in such a marvelous and wonderful way!
To God be all the honor and glory! Keep looking up!



I love Psalm 18 and really loved this piece of yours. May God bless you in this great work that you do.



Renae Pelo

Marnie, the music is beautiful and so are your words. Since working with you for a couple of months I am feeling more of the peace you are talking about more often. It isn't new to me, just that I haven't had the faith to maintain it as much as I have now. His yoke is truly easy and His burden light. You are an awesome mentor. I am very grateful.

You have my love forever.



thank you for sharing i got courge and understan to bear my circumstances .
please pray for me and my family to be released from all burden.


Marnie, I just woke up this morning saying Lord what am I doing so wrong, that I can't see the light. However, I know I must find the strength to press on. Thanks for the encouragement to get my face to the sky teaching me to go within and find peace.


Thank you so much for sharing this with us, This song truly reminds us of how powerful our Lord Jesus is and how much He is dependable. Thank you once again and God Bless you.

Ernie Moreno

Today when I was at my lowest and needed a word of prayer from someone or I did not know how I was going to face the day, I received your song to press on.(e-mail)God is great and works in ways all his own. Thank you and may the Lord hold you dearly in the Palm of hands always, and protect you from all harm. Love You.

Aulo Susan

Thank you so much for sharing this with me, when i read your encouraing words they realy inspire me to press on as the songs. yesterday i felt so hopeless i didnt see myself any where, but truely that is hw powerful our Lord Jesus is and how much He is cares. He does not forsake us nor lieve us. i fill the joy of the Lord this morning. Thank you God Bless you.


I too have been focusing on helping people find faith and courage in these difficult times. Here is a Top 10 List of Quotes about Courage, which includes an AMAZING Martina McBride video:

Michella Charles

I am so happy to have received this special song. I have been looking for this song for the pass six month and thank God for you this song came right on time. This song has inspired me personally and also my marriage. thank you so much for blessing me.

Antoinette Mulder

It's amazing how this song came on the day when I really seemed to be slipping down, down, down into anger, resentment and depression. I'm so glad your song broke the fall and I can go to Jesus to help me climb back up and press on.

I'm really grateful to you and that you are in my life. "Thank you Jesus for Marnie, please bless her and her loved ones every day, as she is such a blessing to me."



God's perfect timing this one came today much has been going on in my life right now.... i experiencing divorce, have had two hip replacements op last year and also now investigating cancer... I was feeling pretty low and very dejected I was beginning to think that God had indeed forsaken me only to find... that even through all this i can look to Jesus and leave all these concerns with him... trusting that all things work together for good.. Luv Karen

Patty Ann

Thank you for sharing your words or encouragement today. They are always welcome.


I love this Thank you so much Marnie for sharing what a wonderful song

Josie Bogay Requina

Thank GOD for this message,,, Indeed man can not live by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD....

Thank you for the verse in Psalm 18.


Josie Bogay Requina

For every bad times that people encounter just like what I experience today,,it's an assurance that we have GOD whom we can always lean on, anytime, anywhere, and all the time...


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