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June 23, 2008



What an incredible interview! I loved every minute and will listen again. Every young woman -- and romance writer -- in the world should hear this. :)

Dr. Linda Miles

Glad Kerry liked the interview. I want young women to hear reality tales about lasting love.Instead of looking impulsively for love in all the wrong places,women need a mental map of a relationship between two givers. As Nelson Mandela observed, "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." I suggest that a woman write down the qualities she wants in a relationship based upon her deepest values and then go head first into a relationship by insuring that a potential partner fills the bill. She may feel strongly attracted to a taker type, but needs to consult her list before exchanging phone numbers. She needs to remember that learning about someone is like a connect the dots picture. In the beginning you have only 5 out of 500. She needs to connect many dots before making any commitment. How does he act with her family? friends? young children? Once she can connect enough dots to feel safe then she can gradually commit. My hope is that women can learn this process when they are young. We spend more time teaching girls how to drive a car than how to maintain a loving and lasting relationship.

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