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    February 16, 2010


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    Kim McGinnis

    I love all your steps that you have listed about how to come to a great decision about a particular problem or task. I would add one, however. I practice some type of inward practice on a daily practice for about 20 minutes a day. By tuning inward I know that my decision will be one that will be for my higher good and not one that is based on materialism (the outer). This idea was reinforced recently when I recently read a book called "Wake Up! Your Life is Calling," by Andy Feld. The author explains how he became a channel of sorts for writing his second book through receiving 'answers' from ascended Masters called the "Ancient Ones." This may sound 'out there' for many folks, but if one puts in the time and the discipline, he (or she) may be blown away with the results - as synchronicity unfolds, problems work themselves out and answers are uncovered.
    thanks for listening,

    Andy Feld

    Thanks Kim and Laura. I know the idea of downloading information from higher intelligence sounds dificult to believe for so many and there was a time when I to was very skeptical. However, the "Ancient Ones" guided me throughout the writing of my second book. Their most important message? They are here for EVERYONE not just a select few. The key is learning how to open our portals and receive their messages of love and brilliance. It may indeed take some practice and willpower, but doesn't anything worthwhile? Thank you very much. Andy

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