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August 05, 2010



This is exactly what I needed in my twenties. It's never too late to learn so I am grateful to be learning it now. What it does is to take the guilt out of not maintaining my higher energies all the time. I don't have to be super woman any more. Thank you.

Veronica Arogunjo

I just want to say a big thank u for your concern and encouragement,i still want more of this message.Thank u and God Bless u.


All inspiration does not shut off in the organizational and productive phases. It just isn't free flowing. I've heard it said that God is like a woman – He wants to be pursued! There is no pursuit in the Flow state; it's raining down like manna from heaven. Reach out, touch it, it's there. God has drawn near to you. Take advantage of it! In the other phases you must hunger, thirst and reach for His insights and inspiration. You must pursue Him! - This spoke volumes to me!! It made me stop and think and just be okay and know that there are phases to all things in life and in the end, God is good. Thank you so much for just putting it out there. God Bless You!

Bill Davis

I'd never seen that cycle of progression before. That's useful information to know where one is in the cycle.

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