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April 06, 2010


Kathleen Gage

Marnie, I couldn't agree more with your insights. Sadly, far too many people do believe all should be given freely.

Those who are very skilled at what they do (and charge for their services) definitely invested time, money and energy to achieve the level of skill they have.

Yes, Jesus did say, "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure." Yet, like you said, there is a fine line between freely giving because we are called to do so and having some people attempt to guilt trip us into their belief in entitlement.

There is a law of reciprocity. That which we give we receive. So, this would mean that one must be willing to give money in exchange for knowledge in order to receive money for themselves.

Often, the ones who continually affirm how bad things are financially are those who are so tight fisted with their money they are unable to have an open hand of receiving the abundance life and God are so willing to bestow upon them.

Thank you for your insights Marnie.

Lucky Balaraman

If we don't charge for the services we provide, how do we feed, clothe and shelter our families? How do we put our kids through school and college? How do we afford healthcare?

There was a time when if you helped somebody, they returned the favor in kind... maybe they gave you a bag of grain, built a room of your house, plowed your field... but nowadays money is used for the exchange, and it is indeed the same money that experts should ask for!

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